Greenhouse Survey

My small greenhouse is falling apart and I’m running out of room. This summer, along with other work around the house, I plan to put in a new greenhouse among other things. But what type, how large and how configured? I’m limited to 18×14 feet for a total of 252 square feet. In comparison, I now have approximately 112 square feet of greenhouse space between two dissimilar greenhouses.

With those limits in mind, I’m interested in what others are doing to meet their greenhouse (or shade house or however they are caring for their orchids) requirements. Along the way, I determined I’d do a short survey to see how others approached the situation. I’ll also share the results of what I find as I’m sure others have entertained the same question – what type of greenhouse should they get.

So obviously, I need your help!¬†With that in mind, I’ve put together an online “Green house” survey that I’ll be be sharing. I will not share your personal information (name, address, etc.) unless you state that I have permission to do so. Instead, your survey data will be folded into the larger data set generated by this survey. Your survey information will NOT be used to develop marketing products and you won’t be receiving SPAM or other such products from me.

The survey is located at:

Thanks for your assistance and sharing your thoughts about your green house or other orchid structure.

– Art



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