Dendrobium blumei

The Jacksonville Orchid Society recieved a number of orchids from the wife of one of its late members and I picked this up more out of curiosity than need; plus, the price was right.  It vaguely reminded me of a Dendrobium crumenatum with its furrowed pseudobulbs, but I really didn’t know what it was.  Members of the Florida Orchid Grower’s Facebook community properly named it as Dendrobium blumei, a warm to hot growing orchid which will grow nicely in my conditions.

Dendrobium blumei - Sep 2013When I brought it home, it was desiccated and I didn’t have much hope for it.  However, after placing it in my “wet room” where it was watered twice a day, I was rewarded with this bloom after a few days.  In the shape that it was in, I couldn’t help but think it might be on a ‘death-ride’ and producing its last bloom in an effort to get fertilized before perishing.  That was last week.  A week later, I’m again rewarded with a new blossom, which gives me hope that I may be able to save this orchid. This is a small blossom, 1.7cm vertically, but nicely fragrant.  It reminds me of honey, but others suggest something more towards lemon.  Unfortunately, the blossom will only last a couple of days.

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